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Craving, Addiction & Contentment
Saturday, June 8
10am – 1pm

Desire is a natural part of our human experience. Buddha Shakyamuni actually taught that human beings live in a world called “the desire realm” because we never forget our desires. In one respect this is helpful, because we can use our desires as an engine for our spiritual growth. However, desires that turn into uncontrollable cravings or addictions are dangerous and can lead us to the depths of misery.


In this course, we’ll take a look at what causes our desires to shift from beneficial ones to harmful ones. We’ll explore some tools for de-railing those dangerous desires. Finally, we’ll explore how contentment is an active and driving force in a peaceful spiritual life.


The course will include two sessions, each one including a meditation and a teaching.


Craving, Addiction & Contentment

WHEN: Saturday, June 8 | 10am – 1pm

COST:  $20, $10 for members

(included in Kadampa & Benefactor Level memberships)


TEACHER: Kelsang Rak-ma



Mahakaruna KBC

8 Keller St.

Petaluma, CA  94952

2-hour street parking - Free after 6 pm and all day on Sundays.


Free Parking at

Keller St. Parking Garage

114 Keller St.

Petaluma, CA 94952






Members: to receive discount, use the code on the member discount page in the Member area when checking out 

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