“We are alive, therefore we will die. This is the simplest, most obvious truth of our existence, yet very few of us have really come to terms with this fact. This inspiring book helps us to live a happy and meaningful life, to prepare for death and to help others who are dying. In this way, instead of something to be feared or denied, death can become a positive experience.“ from the book, Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully, by Ven. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

In this beautiful 5-week course we will learn how coming to terms with our mortality enriches our life and enables us to meet our passing with dignity, confidence, and joy. We will understand how to live a pure, liberating lifestyle in which every moment is meaningful. We will also learn practices to assist others who are dying.

Everyone is welcome!

Click here to register weekly $12/class


Wednesday, beginning Sept 2 (for 5 weeks)

7:00-8:30 pm

$12/ class ($50 for entire series, $10 savings) 

(Free for Full Members)

With Kadampa Buddhist nun, Kelsang Chogyop


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