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Discover the Power of Tantra:

The Meaning of Receiving an Empowerment

a livestream public talk

with Kadampa Buddhist Monk, Gen Kelsang Tenzin

Thursday, June 24

This summer, we have an incredible opportunity to receive the Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments of Heruka and Vajrayogini streamed online at the NKT Summer Festival. Through these empowerments, the door to Highest Yoga Tantra will open onto the very essence of Kadampa Buddhism and the quick path to enlightenment. In this public talk, Gen Kelsang Tenzin will prepare us to receive the meaning of the empowerments with confidence and joy, and guide us so that we can grow into successful Tantric practitioners.

7- 8:15 pm

on-demand replay available for 72 hours

$15 per person

included in all membership levels

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"When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides and our mind becomes still, a deep happiness and contentment naturally arise from within."

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, from the book The New Meditation Handbook

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