Hello Friends,


We hope that you, your families and friends are well. Thank you to all that have participated in our live stream classes. We will continue these classes indefinitely and we are also planning some longer day course offerings as well as hosting special guest teachers.


Although we are all looking forward to our meditation center reopening, the health and safety of the students and our teacher is of the utmost importance. Our physical space does not support the health and safety guidelines for group gatherings put forth by the Governor in order to reopen at this time. Taking this into consideration, we do not have a specific date set for reopening at this time.

The guidelines for reopening would require that in addition to social distancing, every attendant, volunteer, student and the teacher must wear a mask. There are also strict protocols regarding cleaning and disinfecting the general areas and the bathrooms after each use, symptom screening for all in attendance, disposable chair coverings, and the discontinuing of singing/chanting. Taking all of this into consideration, we feel that the potential risks outweigh the benefits right now.


So, for now, we will continue to receive our teachings online. 

We don’t need to worry.


As Venerable Geshe-la has told us in his special message about the pandemic:


Although we see an unusual situation which is causing people to be worried and to suffer, I would like to suggest that through using our wisdom we try to make ourself and everyone happy, which means we should stop worrying.

I will personally pray for you all and your families.

With much love and blessings,

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso


Thank you for your continued support and patience.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


With love,

AD, EPC, Resident Teacher

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