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Dear community, 


As many of you are aware, our shift to offering live-streamed and recorded classes happened at the start of the pandemic, when meetings in-person were no longer possible. We worked hard to transition our classes to Zoom in order to keep our Dharma Center in motion – no matter what – so that everyone could receive the benefit of community, spiritual support and guidance during the unprecedented challenges of that time. Thank you to everyone who supported us during this shift, staying connected and involved even when it meant adjusting to a glitchy and sometimes awkward new normal. We hope you all found our online classes very valuable. 


In an effort to protect the integrity and power of our classes and following the direction of the NKT office, all Kadampa Centers worldwide have been asked to return to in-person classes. Beginning on September 1, all General Program classes, retreats, and pujas (chanted prayers) will no longer be live-streamed or recorded. Our Foundation Program class will still be offered on Zoom but only for those with a disability or who live more than one hour away. 


If, due to special circumstances, you are unable to attend classes in-person at Mahakaruna KBC, some GP classes and programs will be offered through the IKRC Grand Canyon. More information about these options will be available on their website soon. 


Venerable Geshe-la has said: 


“Living beings receive ultimate benefit from both Buddhadharma and Dharma Centers. The development of Dharma knowledge, Dharma experience, and Dharma realizations all come from Dharma Centers. Therefore, they are the source of all happiness and are extremely precious, like priceless jewels that bestow ultimate benefit.” 


We realize that for some of you this change will be an adjustment. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we transition back to our traditional in-person class structure. Please know, this change is taking place in order to ensure that our Dharma Center remains vibrant and alive, and continues to flourish so that everyone has the opportunity to experience Mahakaruna KBC as the interactive, supportive, and social community it is intended to be. 


If you have any questions, please contact Anna at


With love, 


The MKBC Management Team

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