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Drop-in Classes

Our classes range from short and simple guided breathing meditations to drop-in classes, weekend retreats, and in-depth study programs. No prior experience of meditation or knowledge of Buddhism is necessary to participate. 

Everyone is welcome.

Learn to Meditate, or Deepen Your Daily Practice.
Find the class that's right for you.
General Program Drop-in Meditation Classes


Dharma in Action:

Making Wisdom Practical

A Drop-in Meditation Class Series

with visiting Resident Teacher, Paula Kelly

Explore practical methods based on Buddhist wisdom for transforming difficulties and cultivating inner peace. Each class begins and ends with a guided breathing meditation – the first to settle our mind and help us generate an experience of inner peace, and the second to help us set an intention to put wisdom into practice in our daily life. 

Mondays, 7 – 8:15pm

$15 per person

Included in all membership levels


August 14 Don't Believe Everything You Think: Overcoming Discouragement

August 21 No One Has Ever Become Poor by Giving: The Value of Inner Wealth

August 28 Solving the Wrong Problem is Never the Solution: What is Samsara?

September 4 Labor Day - No Class

September 11 We Are Not Free Until Everyone is Free: What is a Bodhisattva?

September 18 Everything Begins in the Imagination: Harnessing the Creative Power of Mind

September 25 Don't Be Afraid to Fail, Be Afraid Not to Try: Sustaining the Power of Effort

October 2 Joy is an Act of Resistance: Cultivating Realistic Hope

October 9 Happiness is Something We Can Train In: The Profound Practice of Training the Mind


Meditations for World Peace

with Chris Taylor

A Drop-in Meditation Class Series

Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible. When we create peace within our own mind, the effects are far-reaching and bring benefit to everyone we meet. In this class, we are creating the causes to abide in a more peaceful world by cultivating our own inner peace, developing compassion, and increasing our wisdom.


Each class includes two guided meditations, a talk, and inspiring prayers for world peace. 


This class is suitable for all levels of experience and everyone is welcome. 

Sundays, 10:30 – 11:45pm

$15 per person

Included in all membership levels

This class is available live on Zoom for members
Please visit our Memberships page for more info.


Class Zoom link will be sent with confirmation email.

This class is available live on Zoom for members
Please visit our Memberships page for more info.


Class Zoom link will be sent with confirmation email.


Simply Meditate: Weekly Guided Meditations

with Steve Tuscher

A Drop-in Meditation Class Series

The first stage of meditation is to stop distractions and make our mind clearer and more lucid. This can be accomplished by practicing a simple breathing meditation. Just by doing breathing meditation for 10 or 15 minutes each day, we will experience a calm, spacious feeling in the mind and many of our usual problems will fall away.


Join us each week for a different guided visualization and meditation. This is a wonderful series for beginners, or a good way to get your daily practice back on track. Each class is taught on a drop-in basis. Everyone is welcome! 

Thursdays, 6 – 6:45pm

$10 per person

Included in all membership levels

“Developing compassion and wisdom, and helping those in need whenever possible, is the true meaning of life.”

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Experiencing financial difficulty? Nobody is turned away for lack of funds. Please email us to inquire about reduced class fees.

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