"In general, prayers made by an assembly of many practitioners are very powerful and cannot be compared to the prayers of one or two people. The scriptures give the analogy of a broom. If we try to clean a floor with a few bristles we shall make little progress, but if we gather many bristles to make a broom we shall be successful.”

–Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, from the book Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully

There is no need to register for group prayers.
The links take you directly to the prayer session on the days and times listed. 

Wishfulfilling Jewel with Tsog


A powerful practice for developing compassion, wisdom, and spiritual strength and for overcoming obstacles and difficulties on the spiritual path. 

Tuesdays 5:30 – 6:45 pm



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Offering to the Spiritual Guide


The special Guru yoga practice of Je Tsongkhapa in conjunction with Highest Yoga Tantra, which also includes all the essential practices of the stages of the path to enlightenment. 

Held on the 25th of the month

Please see calendar for exact times


Interested in the prayer booklet for Offering to the Spiritual Guide? Download Here

Quick Path to Great Bliss

(must have HYT empowerment)


The extensive self-generation practice of Vajrayogini, the female Buddha who is the manifestation of the wisdom of all Buddhas. 


Fridays 9 am – 10:45 am



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Heart Jewel

The essential daily practice of the New Kadampa Tradition. Includes 20 minutes of silent meditation. Beginners welcome! 


Thursdays 8:00 am – 8:45 am



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Powa: Prayers for the Recently Deceased

Powa is a beautiful and powerful ritual practice drawn from the Buddhist tantras and enables us to benefit the deceased by coming together as a group and making prayers and offerings on their behalf.

If you wish, please submit a name for the dedications (prayer) list here

The 3rd Saturday of every month,
10 am – 10:45 am



Interested in the prayer booklet for Powa?

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24-Hour Tara Puja 

Liberation From Sorrow

Help the world. Join in with hundreds of people in worldwide prayers to Tara on the 8th of every month. This powerful online puja is recited six times within 24 hours and the praises are recited seven times in each session.


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