Mahakaruna & Compassion KBC Teachers


Gen Kelsang Tenzin

Gen Kelsang Tenzin is an American Buddhist monk and the new resident teacher at Mahakaruna and Compassion Kadampa Buddhist Centers. He has taught Kadampa Buddhism extensively throughout the United States for over 20 years. Gen Tenzin has a great depth of understanding of Buddha’s teachings and shares them with warmth and humor, making them clear, practical, and accessible for everyone.

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor has been practicing meditation for many years. He has a friendly and down-to-earth style and his teachings are clear and practical. Chris teaches Sunday morning Prayers for World Peace and leads Saturday workshops.

Anna Abeyta

Anna Abeyta has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism since 2011. She is an inspiring example of how to integrate Dharma with daily life. She serves as the Education Program Coordinator for Mahakaruna KBC and teaches when Gen Kelsang Tenzin is away. 

Steve Tuscher

Steve Tuscher has been studying Kadampa Buddhism for more than a decade. He brings a kind heart and gentle manner to his guided meditations and teachings. Steve teaches Sunday morning Prayers for World Peace and other classes throughout the year.

Sharla Smith

Sharla Smith is a sincere Kadampa practitioner and teacher who has been studying Dharma and meditation for over ten years. She shows the example of how to incorporate Buddha's teachings and meditation into a busy, professional life.

Robin Merod

Robin Merod first began meditating in 2010 when he dropped in for a class at Compassion KBC in Sacramento. Having recently received his Ph.D. in Engineering, he was drawn to the practical and logical nature of Buddha’s teachings. Robin has been teaching since 2013 and enjoys inspiring people with stories about how Dharma has touched his heart.

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